IC-LOGIC Microchips in Sulzbach

Hi-REL AUtomotive

IC-LOGIC enjoys great successes with leading Customers in Hi-Rel, Automotive and Industrial because our expertise and Customer strategy fits perfectly with the requirements of these markets:

  • These Customers are interested in long term, reliable suppliers who can provide high level of support, which fits our strategy.
  • Compliancy with the highest quality standards and robust designs are mandatory in these markets where we have proven our capabilities.

Examples of Success Stories in Hi-Rel and Automotive Markets:

  • High speed communication SoC for leading provider of premium infotainment systems.
  • Multimedia ASIC for car infotainment systems.
  • Digital tachograph ASIC for automotive.
  • Avionic navigation system for A 340 and Boeing 787.
  • CMOS Image Sensor ASIC for Avionics
  • Industrial compact flash controller
  • Industrial Motor Controller