IC-LOGIC Microchips in Sulzbach

Success Stories

Our products find applications in the consumer, industrial, automotive and avionics sectors.

The following ASIC developments have been implemented by our engineers in recent years. In the consumer area: a UMTS modem, a VoIP / ISDN controller, a voice & video over IP processor, a DVD recorder chip, a fingerprint sensor as well as a key and a lock ASIC for electronic door locks. In the industrial area: two motor controller ASICs, several MMC / SD card controllers and a pressure sensor processor ASIC. In the automotive sector: a high speed multimedia controller and a mixed signal (analog, digital and high voltage) ASIC. In the avionics area, two CMOS image sensor ASICs and a 4 channel 4 quadrant analog multiplier were developed.

The following information serves to better assess the respective projects in terms of project duration, project scope and complexity.



FPGA to ASIC conversion

To enable fast, reliable and low NRE cost conversion of low complex FPGAs into cheaper ASICs, we offer and recommend our pre-manufactured Gate Arrays as listed above.

Example ASIC projects

In volume production

  • Application: High speed, high sensitive and low noise CMOS Image Sensor including an on-chip 256-bit CPU for video processing.
  • Process Technology: 180nm Bulk/CIS
  • Qualification: Avionics (Customer dedicated requirements)

Asic Solutions Tabelle
  • Process Technology: 130nm BCD
  • Sleep mode <50uA
  • Automotive qualification AEC-Q100

Referenz Bild

In volume production

  • Application: Infotainment SOC (combined data throughput >20 Gbps, SMP-able CPUs).
  • Process Technology: 65nm Bulk
  • Automotive qualification AEC-Q100

Asic Solutions Tabelle
  • Pressure Sensor Conditioner ASIC
  • Process Technology: 90nm eFlash
  • Safety Level: SIL 2

Feasibility Studies

Wireless Robust & Long Range Video / Data link

  Main Features

  • Ideal solution to provide remote cameras and unpiloted aerial vehicle with a long range and robust radio video and data link

  Radio Performances

  • >55 km demonstrated over sea
  • up to 80 km in LOS (Line-of-Sight)
  • Robustness in Non LOS and mobile environments


  • Software Defined Radio technology is used to adapt waveform to both LOS and Non LOS conditions
  • Point-to-Multipoint options allow to connect multiple nodes
  • Adaptation to all Licensed/Unlicensed frequencies in the range of 70 MHz to 6+ GHz can be developed on demand.


  • Single radio link supports Video, Telemetry, Control & Command
  • Compact and low power

Mini Radar

  • Hart rate measurement
  • Fatigue surveillance
  • Seat occupations detection
  • Obstacle detection
  • Distance measurement
Asic Solutions Beispiel

Radar Module (RF & Base-Band ASICs)


IC-LOGIC is currently developing a modular, high speed and high resolution ADC that should achieve an SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) of 90 dB at 40 MS/s. By modular we mean that you can run this IP core at higher sampling rates, but get a smaller SNR. An initial goal after completion is to realize low power single chip radars for customers and to suit their specific requirements.